Hainan Exile

Stayed a few months on Hainan island in Sanya city, an Chinese island south of China. Skated and filmed when I got the chance and could handle the temperature. Filmed by Anna with… Continue reading

Flesh Eating Alien From Mars!

Scribble from today.

Random Scribble

Three funny ways I’ve seen people walk their dogs.

Animation about a few strange things I’ve seen people do with their dogs. The dogs seemed to be very used to this and not bothered by it at all. I saw these three… Continue reading

Back In Nanjing

IntroBeats Ambigram


A simple animation experiment on blackboard (markerboard). Experimenting with creating a progression and mood with a simple loop with the editing and the soundtrack.

High Five Of Death

A poster for an awesome imaginary movie.


8 EP

Had Divmol EP

Motorhome EP

Throwaway og Aukaefni

Klippur úr parkinu

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